girl pointing at a pimple in her face


When thinking about skin problems and acne breakouts, we often connect it to puberty and hormonal changes. But breakouts can still happen even when your teenage years are long gone. It commonly occurs during puberty, due to the activation of sebaceous glands, but it can occur at any age. It is not a dangerous condition but it can leave scars and cause discomfort and embarrassment that can lead to self-esteem issues. Therefore, the sooner you start with good skin care and treatments, the lower the risk of such problems. Most acne breakouts are found on the face, neck, back, chest, and shoulders.


Acne is a skin condition that starts in the oil (sebaceous) glands. Oil glands make oil (sebum) that comes through the hair follicle openings commonly known as pores. Sometimes hair, oil, and dead skin cells pile up and clog the follicle. Clogged pores are the perfect place for bacteria to proliferate and cause an inflammatory response in the skin.


Non-inflammatory: comedones

  • blackheads (open comedones)
  • whiteheads (closed comedones)

Inflammatory acne:

  • papules – small red bumps that develop underneath the skin
  • pustules – red bumps that are filled with white pus
  • nodules and cysts – deep and sometimes painful spots that can last a couple of weeks


Many factors play a part in causing acne. Some people have acne because of genetics, others use oily makeup and skincare products, or use them in excess trying to cover their problem.
Taking some kinds of medication can also play a part in acne development, and hormonal changes and hormone levels are one of the most talked-about factors that can have an influence on acne development.

There are certain things that can make acne even worse, like:

– squeezing and picking pimples
– over-exfoliation of your skin
– stress

Good habits that can help reduce the severity of acne breakouts:

Avoiding harsh exfoliation on face and body, and products that tend to strip or dry your skin. Stop picking and squeezing pimples. Use makeup and skincare products that are specific to your skin condition (Ask an Expert). And, be gentle with your skin..