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Maintain Your Skin Care Results At Home

During this temporary closure many of our Clients have reached out to us and asked us to create an Easy to Use Complete Professional Skin Treatment that you can do from the comfort of your own home.

Our Professional Skin Treatment pack for home includes: Exfoliation, Concentrated Booster and Treatment Mask, Serum and Disposable tools to perform your Treatment.

Just remember even if you only have 30 minutes to take care of yourself and put yourself first, make it really count. We recommend indulging in this professional facial once a month to maintain healthy skin until you can return to us at Timeout for You for a full facial treatment….

In the meantime,

if you would love to order your Professional Skin Treatment Pack or need any skin care advice please contact us via email We would love to hear from you.


Step 1 – Prep

To begin your spa-at-home facial, fill a bowl with warm water and soak a fibrella (in your kit). Place the disposable hairnet over your hair (in your Kit)now you are ready. Take your fibrella and while it’s warm and damp place over your face for 30 seconds to allow it to loosen any dirt or oil that’s trapped in your skin.

If you are wearing any eye makeup, gently remove this by soaking or spritzing two cotton pads (in your kit) with eye makeup remover then place them over both eyes leaving them for a minute to allow the product to work its magic and remove any stubborn eyeliner or mascara, then gently wipe away ensuring not to drag the delicate skin.


Step 2 – Double cleanse

The benefit of following with a deep double cleansing ritual is that it not only removes toxins and impurities, it also primes your pores to better absorb all products to follow, leaving you with a brighter more radiant complexion.

To start the double cleanse, opt for a cleansing oil, if you have one otherwise use your regular cleanser. The oil in the product attracts the dirt, make-up, and oil on the skins surface literally melting it away. Because it’s water-soluble, when you wash off the cleansing oil you will wash away all the makeup and skin oils. This ensures your second cleanse with your normal cleanser thoroughly cleanses your skin.

Next take your everyday cleanser, or an appropriate cleanser for your specific skin type and cleanse your face for 30 seconds working the product into your skin in light circular motions from top to bottom. We recommend a non-foaming milky or cream cleanser for dry and sensitive skin and a foaming or gel cleanser for oily complexions or for those with acne-prone skin.

Wash off and remove excess cleanser with a fibrella.

Step 3 – Exfoliation – Silky Scrub Enzyme Exfoliant

Mix the entire sachet of Silky Scrub Enzyme Exfoliant (in your Kit) with some warm water to make a foamy paste apply onto your skin with gentle circular movements, making sure you cover your entire face, neck and décolletage massage for approximately 1 minutes adding more warm as required. Rinse away with warm water, making sure it is completely removed. Wipe over your facial with your damp fibrella and pat dry.

Step 4 – Booster Concentrate


After exfoliating apply on clean dry skin. To remove the seal, press the cap down into the bottle and then remove the lid.  Massage into your skin before applying your treatment mask over the top. (in your Kit)



Step 5 – Treatment Mask


Mix the 2 sachets together to form a gel using the wooden spatula (in your Kit) in your pack, apply to your skin over the Concentrated Booster, either with your hands or with the wooden spatula, making sure your cover your face neck and décolletage and leave in place for 20 min. Remove any excess with your warm, wet fibrella.



Step 6 – Tone

If you haven’t yet incorporated toner into your skin care routine, now is the time. Toning is a very important part of the routine as it helps clean and close the pores as well as brighten the skin and restore its balance.

With a cotton pad, gently apply a toner which is best suited to your skin type all over face and neck, removing any excess face mask.

Step 7 – Serum

Now that your skin is in a more receptive state, you’re going to want to give it a good dose of hydration by adding a serum into the routine. Apply the chosen serum for your specific needs and let the hyaluronic acid bath your skin with deep hydration for immediate skin therapy. (in your Kit)

Step 8 – Moisturise

Any skin session requires replenishment so finish your treatment with moisturiser to seal in all the benefits of your facial!

This last and essential step to your professional home facial will re-hydrate your skin and retain any moisture loss. Just as your therapist would, choose the perfect moisturiser for your needs.

Your Professional Skin Treatment pack $79.00 includes: Exfoliation, Concentrated Booster and Treatment Mask plus the disposable tools to perform your treatment at home.  If you would love to order your Professional Skin Treatment Pack or need any skin care advice please contact us via email  We would love to hear from you.