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Making your Home Skincare Regime Work in these Extraordinary Times…

Making your home skincare regime work for you can be simple when you know how.

As we know our skin is a constantly changing environment, therefore it is important to use the correct skincare products for your main concerns.  Your skin changes with, the seasons, stress, hormones, environment (extrinsic and intrinsic factors; smoking, alcohol, not drinking enough water or even broken sleep), and medications, also as we age.

Once you have identified what it is exactly that you’re experiencing, you can treat your skin accordingly. Now that doesn’t mean throwing out all your old products, let’s just reassess and have a cleanout of your bathroom vanity just as you would with your wardrobe.

Bring all your products out on top of your bathroom vanity, check what you have, obviously keep your basics. Check expiry dates, throw out anything that’s years old, it’s not going to work anymore and could potentially cause irritation and inflammation to your skin. Anything that you didn’t really see results with in the first place, gone!

Now that you have your basics, what are the changes you have noticed in your skin currently? Is it that redness and breakouts are an issue right now? Is your skin feeling a bit dry with the change of season? Are you in the anti-ageing market, trying to keep those pesky wrinkles at bay? Is this where you may need some help.

Generally, as we move towards winter we want more moisture on our skin, since the weather is dry there is less moisture in the air for our skin to draw from; heavier moisturiser, treatment masks and eye creams and actives/serums help to alleviate this concern.

So, you have a mask and you’re thinking, ‘I won’t use this for months now’, and it goes to the back of the cupboard, never to be seen again. Your next experience when purchasing a mask is, ‘that it didn’t really work!’ but really it just wasn’t used. So, let’s keep hold of that mask and find ways to utilise it. My tips for how to use your mask is winter; just apply it locally to dry/dehydrated areas, use as a spot treatment if you are suffering from breakouts. I have a certain mask that I sleep in or leave on overnight it, has growth factors in it so I like to leave it on as long as I can.

If you are finding your moisturiser is not enough in winter, it could that you need something heavier or more nourishing/hydrating or even that you might need an active/serum underneath your moisturiser.  During the day even in winter you should still use your SPF moisturiser or layer your moisturiser under your SPF.

Serums/Actives? Are you confused? I am hearing you. Actives or serums, are really where you are going to see the most results from your homecare regime.  If you were coming to the salon for regular treatments, you could have been having Cool Peels or High-Performance Facials to address your concerns. To continue these results, it would make sense to choose the correct treatment active/serum for home.

If you already have actives/serums at home work with these. Through the winter months apply what your skin needs, it will tell you. We can be the masters at home and keep our skin in peak condition. If you do forget how you were asked to use your product, please call or email and we will gladly chat with you about your individual needs.