Avance Elixir 30ml

$158.00 inc GST

This multi-functional serum will leave your skin looking radiantly luminous and resiliently younger for longer.  It also contains a combination of three powerful peptide complexes that assists in improving the overall structure of your skin. Meiritage – a unique blend of extracts from Chinese roots used in traditional medicine – have been shown to be effective in reducing the effects of oxidative stress (UV radiation and pollution) contributing to uneven skin tone. Minimises the visible signs of ageing. Best used morning and night after cleansing and toning, but before moisturising. Suitable for all skin types especially those concern with signs of premature ageing, pigmentation and environmental stresses.

BENEFITS – Improved skin integrity, as well as an even tone, ultimately leads to a healthier and younger looking skin that glows with a restored radiance.


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