Keoné Even Skin Essential Serum 30ml

$79.00 inc GST

A clever concoction of natural brightening extracts to bring back a youthful glow to your skin. Each works with its own unique power to lighten your skin, repair current damage and prevent against future damage, making this potent serum an essential tool in preventing the cumulative effects of ageing.


Vegetable Melanin has been isolated and purified from the brown fruit of the date palm; Jackfruit contains high amounts of natural Vitamin A. Vitamin A has high anti-oxidant properties that help protect against wrinkle-causing free radicals. Jackfruits also contain lignans, isoflavones and saponins, these phytonutrients have anti-ageing properties such as serving as free-radical blockers to help prevent cell degeneration; Probiotic Peptide derived from Lactobacillus. Helps to prevent eumelanin synthesis while simultaneously increasing pheomelanin synthesis to improve skin tone and reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation; Mulberry is a huge source of Vitamin A, C and E which cleanse dead cells, fade dark spots, retain moisture and enhance collagen production. It’s a natural inhibitor of tyrosinase, an enzyme that riggers production of melanin; Licorice helps in the fading of hyper-pigmentation and sun damage for all skin tones in a safe manner. It blocks melanin production to prevent the formation of hyperpigmentation; Lemon Peek Ferment is a natural and effective alternative to hydroquinone for inhibiting tyrosinase production.

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