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There are waxes and there are waxers. We present to you another opportunity to be gone with unwanted hair – experience our body sugaring Brisbane treatments at Timeout for You today – The new smooth system at our waxing prices.

Body sugaring has been in use since the early 1900s and uses an all-natural sugar paste to remove unwanted body hair. Delicate on your skin and formulated with only three key ingredients: water, lemon, and sugar (with a few drops of essentials oils for that added element of tranquillity), it is a safe and organic alternative to traditional waxing when you need a delicate touch for sensitive skin.

Browse our range of body sugaring treatments below and make an appointment with our talented beauty therapists today to remove any unwanted hair the all-natural way.

The Sugaring Process

Whether it’s your first sugar waxing Brisbane treatment or if you’re a regular, our Ashgrove beauty salon sugaring process and standards are always the same. Our sugaring beauty therapists apply an all-natural sugar paste to the skin in the same direction of hair growth, we use nitrile gloved hands and a special technique, taking hairs along with it. With your unwanted hair removed, our beauty therapists can easily clean up any remaining residue with a warm towel.

Benefits of Sugaring Hair Removal Treatment

  • Sugaring wax is water-soluble and can easily be washed away
  • Delicate on your skin and perfect for sensitive areas
  • Removes very short hairs
  • Less Breakage
  • All-natural ingredients
  • Minimal bumps, burning and irritation
  • Leads to a permanent reduction in hair growth
  • Attaches only to hair and not to skin.
  • Treatment can be repeated after only 8-10 days of hair growth

Sugaring Brisbane Treatments

At Timeout For You, our sugaring hair removal treatments are available for both men and women and can help you remove unwanted hair from almost anywhere on your body. Looking for a sugaring bikini wax, or your arms, face, or back? Feel great and take some timeout for you by having our talented beauty therapists delicately remove those unwanted hairs for a clean and smooth feeling with our sugaring Brisbane treatment options.


Face Sugaring (Including Lip and Chin)$55
Our all-in-one face sugaring treatment is especially useful in removing short facial hair around your lips and chin areas and great for reshaping eyebrows.
Lip Sugaring$25
Sugaring to remove the unwanted hair around your lips.
Chin Sugaring$25
Our beauty therapists use our chin sugaring process to target the area on and around your chin, leaving you with a chin that is soft and smooth.

Shoulders and Arms

Shoulder Sugaring$33
Delicate sugaring for the area on top of both shoulders.
Underarm Sugaring$30
Sugaring hair removal for both underarms.
Almost Full Arm Sugaring (3/4)$31
Our beauty therapists apply sugaring wax to 3/4 of both arms.
Lower Arm Sugaring (Elbow-down)$29
For delicate hair removal from the elbow down.
Full Arm Sugaring$39
Our full arm sugar waxing Brisbane treatment that removes unwanted hair from both arms.

Chest and Back

Chest Sugaring$45
Our chest sugaring removes the area from below the pecs to the top of the shoulders. Chest sugaring does not include the neck or back of the shoulders.
Full Back Sugaring$55
Our beauty therapists will use sugaring wax for your complete back but not including the neck and top or front of shoulders.


Basic Bikini Sugaring$33
Our basic sugaring bikini treatment is for either side of the briefs line.
3/4 Bikini Sugaring$63
We take off everything from the intimate areas as well as the sides and top of the bikini area, leaving a strip of hair at the front.
G-String Bikini Sugaring$40
A sugaring bikini option that offers a higher cut, in the line of a G-string, but does not include bottom.
LA (Brazilian) Bikini Sugaring$40
LA bikini sugaring takes care of everything from the intimate areas, back, and front as well as top and sides.


Full Leg Sugaring$63
Our talented beauty therapists apply body sugaring to the full area of both legs with no bikini but may include feet and toes.
Upper Leg Sugaring$51
Delicately remove unwanted hairs on half of both legs with no bikini.
Lower Leg Sugaring$45
Our lower leg sugaring focuses on above the knees, down.

Legs and Bikini Combo

Full Legs with Basic Bikini Sugaring$71
A sugaring combo that removes hair from both legs as well as either side of the brief line.
Full Legs with Brazilian Bikini Sugaring$130
Sugaring treatment for both legs with a Brazilian bikini.
Full Legs with G-String Bikini Sugaring$76
Sugaring treatment for both legs with a G-string bikini, may include feet and toes.
Upper Legs with Basic Bikini Sugaring$60
Sugaring for your thigh of both legs with bikini included.
Upper Legs with Brazilian Bikini Sugaring$85
Sugaring treatment for your upper thigh of both legs with a Brazilian bikini.
Upper Legs with G-String Bikini Sugaring$62
Sugaring treatment for the upper thigh of both legs with a G-String bikini.

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