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Trending Ingredients In Our Beauty Industry

Skincare routines became a thing in the recent couple years as people find out about the magic of the right beauty products and how they can work wonders on your skin to make it healthier, prettier and shinier. While technology plays a big role in the skincare products that are now being produced, the secret really is not that deep. The right combination of some chemicals does the job for you.

Each year, a new formula takes over the beauty industry and hits the trending list. This year, it seems to be Hyaluronic acid and Niacinamide. Both of these chemicals work in favor of your skin. While Hyaluronic acid promotes healthier skin, Niacinamide keeps it from wrinkling and flushing. Many serums made out of these acids satisfied many people and so they have taken over the trending list for 2019. How do each of these ingredients work, let’s find out.

Hyaluronic Acid

It is true that beauty industries have been using this ingredient in serums, eye drops, and injections. People have also been taking them for supplements but hyaluronic acid is much more natural than you think. It is one of our many body fluids, colorless and is found in our eyes as well as our connective skin tissues.

It basically exists in our bodies to keep our tissues moist and well lubricated. If you feel like your skin is getting dry, chances are, it may lack hyaluronic acid. Considering the fact that UV rays are harmful and can directly affect the ratio of hyaluronic acid in our skin, it makes sense if we start lacking it. You can look out for skincare beauty products that contain this ingredient but it is better to visit a Health Professional before you take any medications.

This ingredient is also used in many anti-aging skincare products. The math is pretty simple. Moist skin means no dryness. No dryness leads to fewer wrinkles. Fewer wrinkles will make you look less aged.

The benefits do not just stop here. Hyaluronic acid is beneficial as a lubricant in your bones, and in keeping your eyes from drying.


Another form of the vitamin B3 that is highly essential for wrinkle-free smooth skin, Niacinamide helps in closing enlarged pores, fine lines, uneven skin tone and can reduce the dullness in your complexion. It is used in many toners and serums but what

makes this ingredient even better is that it is suitable for almost all skin types. Whether you have dry skin, rough skin, oily skin or sensitive skin, beauty products that contain niacinamide will work best for you.

It keeps your skin from dehydrating. Using a regular dosage of niacinamide in skincare products like toners will keep your skin from turning flaky. It works well with multiple other ingredients such as plant oils and cholesterol.

The benefits of these ingredients do not just end here. They have taken over the beauty industry so as far they are used in almost every other beauty product. Seeing the results, it is not surprising to find these ingredients trending. If you wish to have great skin too, you know what to opt for.